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Beam Calculations And Lintel Specification

    Lintel beam with thermal break over wide opening 
Beam calculations
Full notes and specification
Drawn details where required
Support by telephone or email from your initial enquiry to completion of the works
£150.00 for 2 beams, joists, designed connections etc.
For immediate advice call 07979 888547, or click here to email us with a description of what you need, and, if possible, attach a sketch or drawing 
Often our clients need just one or two beam calculations or lintel calculations, and we aim to offer value right from the smallest jobs. 
We are happy to discuss your plans in as much detail as you need and provide advice and reassurance without requiring a commitment to proceed. 
If you will need a site visit follow this link to Alterations and Extensions  
Structural calculations are required by the local building control team (or authorised independent checking business) for approval under the building regulations.  The results will also be required by your builder.
We compile our structural calculations into a document that includes the technical information required for the successful execution of the structural work:-
  • a statement of the basis of design
  • a statement of the results
  • recommendations arising from the structural calculations
  • specification of materials required
  • installation instructions
  • erection and fabrication details if required
If you need additional explanation or advice at any stage we provide this free by telephone or email.  If you need more specific or detailed avice once your builder has started work we will visit site, discuss our findings and issue a brief written report summarising this information.
For more information call 01926 333236 or use our email service  Contact Us 
We are happy to provide additional design services once the builder has started work, and for this we extend the brief to include this work at the rates that would have applied if this had been part of the original instruction.  We will also aim to expedite the delivery of information required. 
The information that we require to prepare accurate structural calculations can be in the form of a formal drawing, sketch, or sometimes, for a simple opening, a detailed descriptive statement will be sufficient.
How long is the opening?
How thick is the wall?
Does the wall contain a cavity or  is it a single leaf of masonry?
Will the beam or lintel carry a wall or floor above where the lintel is to be installed?
Is there at least 660mm before the next opening - if not what is the length of brickwork?
Will the lintel support top hung doors?
Call 01926 333236, or use our email service  Contact Us to discuss
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