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Throughout his career David has been involved with altering and strengthening exisitng buildings.  Sometimes this involves enhancing structures constructed in materials no long in common usage such as cast iron, or on occasions schools constructed with aluminium frames during the 1950s when the aircraft industry refocussed after the second world war.
Maintenance was high on the adgenda when leader of the structures team at Coventry City Council ranging from an aging housing stock to extending the life of reinforced concrete structures, and advising on office loading as departments reorganised into new groupings and buildings.
ICE David has worked as a civil engineer specialising in building structures since 1976 and became chartered and a full member of the Instution of Civil Engineers in 1986.
During his career David has worked for Consulting Engineers, Contractors and Local Authorities.  He has been an Assopciate at WSP (1989 to 1994),Group leader of the Structural Engineers at Coventry City Council (1996 to 1998), and Associate Director leading structural engineering teams for Millard Consulting (2006), Waterman Civils (2006 to 2008), and an Associate at Opus Joynes Pike (2008 to 2009).
David is adept in  the design and detailing of reinforced concrete ranging from multi storey commercial buildings, complex foundations, basements, retaining walls, hoppers, machine bases, cancer treatment facilites, swimming and leisure pools.
David has been a site engineer on the construction of a large reinforced concrete shopping centre responsible for setting out, quality control of the construction, the testing regime of concrete used on the site, and logisitcal planning of steel reinforcement deliveries.
He is also familiar with the inspection, specification, assessment, and repair of reinforced concrete structures.
David is equally at home in the design of steel structures, particularly with regard to schools, industrila buildings and structural refurbishment. 
David is effective in the deign of timber and masonry, particularly in the field of residential construction. Much of this involves the design of floors, trusses and girders.