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Many structural calculations are for beams but often structural calculations will be required for walls, floors, foundations and roofs.  We undertake steel calculations, timber calculations, masonry calculations, and reinforced concrete calculations
Structural Calculations for Homes and Work Places
Calculations for steel beams, timber beams, timber joists, reinforced concrete beams, walls, foundations and roofs.

If you don't have plans
we can survey the area
of your proposed work
and prepare layout
drawings to support the calculations
Beams, Columns, Floors, Roofs, Walls, Foundations
Structural Calculations prepared by a Chartered Engineer from your architectural drawings  
For projects that need more than just structural calculations follow the link to our page covering structural alterations, extensions and conversions 
Not sure whether you
need more than just
a beam size - see
further on this page
Not Just Structural Calculations
Each structural calculation individually prepared
No charges until calculations issued
Delivery by mail or email or both
When our fee is fixed it is fixed
Additional fees only for additional design items
We will consider:-
We will specify:-
We provide:-
Building Regulation Compliant Designs
Advice for you and your builder
We carry:-
Professional Indemnity Insurance

Here is a rough guide to our calculation only charges
sample costs for beam calculations
£180 minimum charge which includes, for example, the structural calculations for the first beam, structural specification and loadberaing assessment of supporting walls
£70 for each additional structural calculation
Actual charges may be affected by other factors, but we will provide a fixed charge on application.
Contact us to discuss your project, request information, seek advice or request a quotation.
If you have a dimensioned sketch or drawing you can email it from our contacts page or alternatively you could let us know your planning authority or attach a link to your planning application
We will assess your requirements from the plans and any additional information that you provide and prepare a no obligation fixed quote  for your consideration
Our service levels are outlined below. 
These are for guidance only.  We will assess your requirements and outline these in our written quotation which will specify what we propose to provide.  You will be invited to comment or discuss our prosals with us to mensure that we have fully understood your needs.

Calculation Only
Concise Structural Design Service
Comprehensive Structural Design Service
We provide all civil or structural calculations required for residential and smaller commercial extensions and developments
Structural Calculations to support architectural designs where
drawings are availabl
We incorporate a structural inspection and limited structural arrangement with the structural calculations.
We make a number of site visits, a comprehensive set of structural drawings and structural specifications, and undertake analysis of complex structural arrangements.
typical steel beam and column

 Structural Calculations


Structural calculations are required to ensure that the member being designed together with any supporting structure will have sufficient strength and stiffness for the position in which it is to be inserted.
Longer beams place more load on the supporting structure, such as walls, which may need to be rebuilt locally in stronger materials.
Sliding doors hung from the top need stiff beams to prevent them sticking in the middle or being difficult to slide.
All calculations should be submitted to a Local Authority building control department or accredited independent building control business to be vetted for compliance with the regulations. 
Structural calcualtions are not just to find the size of the beam.  They must take into account the needs of the builder to install the beam and to ensure that the supporting structure is adequate.

Not Just Structural Calculations


The structural calculations are only part of the information that we provide.

There may be optional beam sizes so we may provide alternatives ones where appropriate.
In addition to the structural calculations we provide the following:-
  • a statement of the structural calculation results
  • recommendations arising from the results
  • specification of materials required
  • installation instructions
  • erection and fabrication details if required
  • support by telephone or email from your initial inquiry until completion of the works
 structural alteration part complete

What If I Change My Mind?

There are often reasons why it becomes necessary to make changes to the original proposals. 
For example, circumstances may change; the work may be delayed and timescales altered; the cost provided by your supplier may be more expensive than originally allowed in the budget.
If a change is necessary it should be made in writing, or on a drawing, at the earliest opportunity. 
If the affected design is already complete this will still be charged.  However, if the design of the affected item has not been started then there may be no affect on the cost.
If any aspect of the project is undecided that affects the structural design, and you let us know we can leave that part of the design until you instruct us to proceed.
If you decide to include additional items into your project once the builder has started work, we will treat this as an extension of the brief and carry out the work at the rates applicable for a larger project as if it had been part of the original instruction. 
We will agree the costs with you before proceeding and will also aim to expedite the delivery of information required. 

What Information is needed for structural calculations?
The information that we require to prepare accurate structural calculations is listed below.  If you are carrying out work without an architect we can attend site to survey the area of the works and provide advice.
  • What will the beam carry?
  • How long is the opening?
  • How thick is the wall?
  • Does the wall contain a cavity or  is it a single leaf of masonry?
  • Is the wall constructed in timber panels?
  • Will the beam or lintel carry a wall or floor?
  • Is there at least 660mm before the next opening - if not what is the length of brickwork?
  • Will the lintel support top hung doors?
Help! I need some advice
Do you need to discuss your plans in order to develop your ideas? 
We can provide civil or structural engineering advice by telephone or email without a commitment to proceed. 
If you need additional explanation or advice at any stage we provide this free by telephone or email. 
If you need more specific or detailed advice once your builder has started work we will agree the level of service you need.  This may be general guidance or may involve a site visit at which we can discuss our findings and then issue a brief written report summarising our recommendations.
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