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Professional Structural and Civil Engineering Design and Assessment Services

Structural Calculations
Structural Calculations Plus
Structural Inspections
Structural Design Development
Structural Feasibility Assessments
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Some Recent Projects
Extensive structural repair and Modernisation
Dilapidated Georgian Farmhouse
Church Floor Replacement
Church conversion into flats and modern worship space
800 m2 warehouse canopy
Warehouse service yard
Shop Extension
Village Hall Extension
Talking Shop
New and Modernised Houses
Loft and Basement
Culvert and Brook Bridging Repairs
Traditional Trusses in Oak
Residential Extension in Oak Framing
Structural Inspections
Home Buyers
Structural Inspections
Building Conversion
Structural Inspection
Defect Stabilisation and Repair

structural calculations for beams, floors and columns

Structural Calculations for Beams, Floors and Roofs in straight forward situations where Drawings are Available
 Structural Calculations for Building Regulation Compliance
where required
layout drawings
construction details

Design services for projects requiring more than just structural calculations such as this timber framed residential extension.

Concise or Comprehensive Structural Engineering Design Services for structural alterations, extensions or conversions
Additional features to the Structural Calculation only service where drawings are not available or the project is more extensive or complex
Site visits to support structural calculations and construction proposals
Structural Assessments
Design Development

Inspections and investigations into the causes of defects such as found in this flat arch brick lintel over a window in Georgian town house

Structural Reports and Advice tailored to your needs
Investigation of Defects
Assessment of safety
Assessment of strength
Specification for repairs
Feasibility Studies for conversions 

Sample Charges

Example of the Concise Service
Examples of the Comprehensive Service
Structural Calculations
Charges for structural calculations start at £180.00 , but due to the variabilty of requirement between different projects you should contact the office for advice.  We are happy to provide fixed quotes based on architect's drawings.
Inspection with concise report
From £400 - £540
Comprehensive Investigation with detailed report 
From £600
These fees are total charges but are provided as a guide only.  Actual fees may differ subject to your actual situation and requirements.
  Structural Calculations, specification and construction details for
Oak Framed Residential Extension

Structural Inspection, structural calculations, specification
construction details
progress inspections
for culvert and over bridging