Cordyline Aspire Limited
Consulting Civil & Structural Engineers
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We promote the aspiration within the remit of the structural engineer to reduce the negative impact of the construction process on the environment by developing our understanding of the many effects of our activities from initial source of raw materials, through the refining and manufacture of products to the delivery to site, assembly and finally the demolition and disposal or reuse of the constituent parts.
We respect the relationship between:-
  • construction and environment
  • tradition and innovation
  • heritage and modernity 
Traditional elements of buildings are becoming more technical as we strive to reduce energy in the manufacture and during the occupancy of buildings. As structural engineers, we embrace new techniques and ways of assembly that bring about increased safety for those working in construction and those involved in the upkeep of buildings and structures.
We promote:-
  • empathy between us and our clients
  • understanding of construction essentials and possibilities
  • innovation in design and delivery 
Where practicable we actively seek to conserve and repair rather than replace.  We aim to minimise disruption to residents in occupied buildings, maximise safety for workers and occupiers, amd provide best value for money.  These may seem to be mutually exclusive, but don't have to be.
We encourage:-
  • understanding of the built environment
  • best practice within  construction